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What we do

Knowledge and experience

We deliver independent, evidence-based economic analysis and advice on complex business and regulatory issues.

We provide high quality, creative and bespoke solutions by blending rigorous economic thinking, state of the art data analytics and the experience gained in decades of interaction, at all levels, with governments and regulators.

Who we are

Multi-disciplinarity at our core

We bring together a diverse mix of experiences and skills. Our clients benefit from the experience gained in 15+ years of economic consulting, 20+ years as top manager in a large regulated company, as well as director level positions at an energy regulator and a market operator.

Members of our team have hands-on experience in various areas of the energy industry operations, ranging from electricity and gas retailing to risk management, from portfolio optimization to pricing. We master economic theory and advanced data analysis techniques. Further, we are used to interacting with engineers and lawyers on complex matters in which technical, legal and economic issues are intertwined.



Energy and beyond

Our experts have been directly involved in the design and implementation of core institutions of the liberalized European electricity market. Starting from this background we effectively leveraged our expertise in other regulated industries, including water, waste, and transportation.

We apply economic analysis to competition policy issues and strategic questions in multiple industrial sectors, and our operations research and data analytics skills are largely sector-independent.

How we work

Competence, creativity, teamwork

We believe that no two problems are alike. Without compromising on accuracy and independence, we constantly look for creative solutions and original perspectives.

We provide the highest quality in our core areas and partner with the best experts in the others, to deliver large and complex assigments. We are used to leading multidisciplinary and multi-national teams of experts, including professionals and academics.

We never stop until we deliver the best answers to our clients needs.